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March 13, 2014

Child’s version of Revelations: The New Heavens and the New Earth

Inspired by Revelations: The New Jerusalem
“I promise you there will be a land where there are rainbows and smiles, no more tears anymore. There will be candies, kindness and peace. You will have a white snow-like robe and a golden crown. There will be no fear of beatings, of extra homework and curfews. Instead, your hamster will lie with your cat fearlessly.You shall dance with the Lamb and sing with the angels. You will see God in the throne room and you will worship Him happily everyday,”so said the little elf from the woods.

Here’s an effort to practise relaying symbolism and imagery from Revelations in a different way.


February 27, 2013

Some images of beauty

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-a dancer on a carousel-

-a princess with a swan-

-a butterfly on an eggshell-

-a raindrop on a rose-

-a camel in an oasis-

-a house freshly built-

-a tree in winter-

-snow on a mountain top-

-autumn leaves on green pond-

-a woman bedecked with jewels-

-a crown on a glass shoe-

-freshly baked melting brownies-

and much more…

how much the world can offer to us.

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