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October 19, 2010

High heels

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I love shoes, and one of the things I find funny:

Nothing beats a lovely pair of cute pumps with a sweet colour for me. I feel empowered, more special and more alive.

But heels are usually painful. So what is it that keeps us females going back to these pain-inducing shoes?

Freudian theory says that shoes represent the female body and in dreams, they represent female genetalia . The “Shoe is symbolic of the vagina. Tension between the “active” and “passive” components of the shoe…It is an economic balance of two parts: a womblike enclosure and the phallic extremity.” (Kaite, 97)These are “heels with the potential of piercing and penetrating, and thus have powerfully invasive qualities.” (Kaite, 100)

In other words, it a lovely expression of female vulnerability, normally associated with feminity rather than masculinity, juxtaposed with strength, normally associated with masculinity rather than feminity.

A lovely, but lethal combination.

I don’t think God wants us girls to be weak and passive, or aggressive and dominant. It’s godly balance in between – we are strong, yet vulnerable. Assertive, yet receptive. Confident, yet secure.


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